This is Our Story

Who We Are:

Faith Defines Us is a Christian Apparel Brand that started by an U.S. Army veteran. We believe that Christian clothing should be fashionable, wearable and always promote God.  We know that in order for change to happen, we must take the first step. Faith Defines Us is not only a clothing company, but as a ministry. Our slogan, Start a Conversation about God with a Shirt™, is the foundation of our merchandise.


Mission Statement:

To connect individuals to the Word of God with the use of a t-shirt. We strive to promote the fundamental values that Defines Us as Christians such as Faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, love, and compassion.

Our Objectives:

1.  To offer our customers the greatest possible value through an extensive selection of quality shirts with an atmosphere of exceptional service.

2.  To be a profitable organization, thus allowing the continuation of our mission- to connect people to God with fashion and the help spread God's love.

3.  To be a leader in spreading the Word of God through fashion. This will be done through both the selling and donating to support God's Word.

4.  Create an environment that connects Christians.


Our Commitment:

Our commitment is to donate 10-20% of our profits to four different charities. We support veterans, sponsor missionaries, to help with national disasters, and give to local churches and charities while spreading the Word of God.  Without God, this company would not be possible and we owe Him all the glory and praise.

Start a conversation about God with a shirt. ™

"God is Love" - 1 John 4:8