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Lion of Judah- Ladies Poncho Hoodie

Inspired by old school gym apparel, the Poncho Hoodie makes the perfect gift for yourself, your friends and your family. The slim fit and frayed sleeves give a new and unique spin on the classic hoodie; this is one gift people will be sure to remember.

Featuring 10 of God’s powerful names:

Elohi -“God”, Yahweh -“The Lord”, Jehovah Rapha - "Healer”, Yahweh Shalom -“The Lord Is Peace”, Yahweh Nissi -“The Lord Is My Banner”, Yahweh Yireh -“ Provider”, El Shaddai -“God Almighty”, El Roi -“The God Who Sees”, El Elyon -“God Most High”, Abba -“Daddy, Father”

Designed with 3D ink
*models wearing one size up*

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